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August 28 Yosemite Village

                                                                   Current Day.                           Trip to Date

Distance walked- miles                                   12.4.                                        12.4

Gross climb- feet.                                           3,650.                                     3,650

Gross descent- feet.                                       3,650                                      3,650

Net climb-feet.                                                       0.                                             0

Song of the Day- 

Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat and Tears

What goes up, must come down
Spinnin' wheel, got ta go round

We arrived at Yosemite a little after 11 am this morning after driving 80 miles from Oakdale, Ca where we stayed last night.  Corey left LA at 5:30 this morning and arrived shortly after us.  We immediately  took off on a hike on "4 Mile Trail" (which ended up being more than a 10 mile hike- go figure!).  The hike was 3,600 feet of climb up from the valley floor to Glacier Point, and then of course 3,600 down on the way back.   This was a very challenging hike, with very little level ground.  This was a great warm-up hike for the next 4 days, and allowed us to acclimate to the altitude as well as stretch out the muscles.  By the way, it was indeed a "warm-up" as the temperature was in the low 90's when we finished our hike.

Here is Linda and Corey part way up the trail to Glacier point.

Linda walking up the trail with  Yosemite valley in the background.

Linda and I at Glacier Point.  You can see Half Dome right behind my head. Over the years, I have been accused of being a half brain, and here is the proof!

During the hike, we came across many, many foreigners, including groups from Germany, France, China and Japan.  I would guess that probably 75% of the people we met were foreigners.  

The National Park system is one of the great inventions of this country.  From my view as a quasi Libertarian, it is one of the few things that our federal government seems to do well!  And, as a 63 year old American, it is also one of the great (and few) perks that I receive from the government as I have the $10 lifetime pass to the National Parks!  

Tonight, we had a great meal at the Awahanee hotel.  The dining room at the Awahnee is one of the most beautiful rooms I have seen.  And, they serve a terrific meal.   We celebrated our hike with a very good bottle of Sonoma Pinot Noir. 

This evening, we stayed in the cabins at Curry Village.  

Tomorrow is going to be a very challenging 14 mile hike with a total climb of about 3700 feet or so.  We will be hiking to the tent cabins at Merced Lake. And it will be another warm day.  So, we will try to get out of here early in the morning.  

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